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PROSKOCHILO Andriy Victorovich

Proskochilo Andriy Victorovich  is finalizing PhD thesis on the topic

“Development of composition and technology of the drug

 with an extract of Galium verum for use in Nephrology

in specialty 15.00.01 – “Technology of drugs, organization of pharmaceutical business and forensic pharmacy”, supervisor – Doctor of Pharmacy, professor of the department of commodity science in NU of Pharmacy. V.G. Demyanenko.

The aim is to develop the scientific and experimental substantiated composition, technology and analysis methods of the drug  based on complex BAS of Galium verum for the prevention and treatment of microbial origin renal diseases. It has been studied the literature and conducted a patent search according with the subject of the thesis. It has been assembled and improved equipment for extraction lipophilic complexes by using liquefied gases. A method for producing a lipophilic complex of herb Galium verum using subcritical difluorochloromethane has been invented. The patents of Ukraine for invention and utility model have been received. The main technological parameters of the plant product has been determined and their interconnection with different technological processes has been established.The process of extraction Lady’s bedstraw herb using liquefied gases has been studied. Using the method of Box–Behnken  technology of lipophilic extract has been optimized. The methods of quality control lipophilic extract Lady’s bedstraw herb obtained with liquid difluorochloromethane have been developed. It has been designed and optimized composition and technology capsules with Galium verum extract. A study of the microbiological purity of the resulting extract and preliminary antimicrobial screening, which showed high activity against bacteria genera Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus Faecalis, making promising further research.