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Ludmila Petrovskaya



Петровская в докторанты

Ludmila Petrovskaya is working on a doctoral thesis on the topic: “Development of сomposition and technology of foam cleaning gel with complex antimicrobial activity”, the specialty 15.00.01 – “Technology of drugs pharmacy organizations and judicial pharmacy” scientific adviser – Doctor of Pharmacy, professor. I. Baranova. The aim of the research is to develop modern foam cleaning bases for further development foam cleaning products (for children, for intimate hygiene). Currently known that the most promising anion activ surfactants are oxyethylated with 2-3 moles sodium and magnesium alkyl ether sulphates or disodium salt of lauryl sulfo succinates. Also,it is rational to use and mix lauryl sulfo succinates and decyl glucosides. The latter are the least irritating to mucous membranes. Abroad, when developing soft foam cleaning products are used a mixture of three different classes of surfactants – lauryl ether sulfate, coco amido propyl betaine (amphoteric surfactant) and alkyl polyglycoside (nonionic surfactant). This mixture has optimal dermatological properties. Equally important is the choice of auxiliary substances that affect the developed product quality. Primarily this are the thickening agents and substances that affect the foaming process. It is planned to conduct a comprehensive and systematic research on study gel carriers’ properties with different complexes of modern surfactants (anionic, nonionic, amphoteric). With the use of pharmacotechnological, structural, mechanical, physical, chemical and other scientific research methods to prove the creating principles of foam cleaning products which are meant for skin cleansing.

Bayva Pavel

Bayva Pavel is working on Ph.D. thesis on the topic: “Development of composition and technology of gel with fusidic acid”, specialty 15.00.01 – “Technology of drugs, pharmacy organizations and judicial pharmacy” scientific adviser – Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor. I. Baranova.

The aim of the research is the development theoretically and experimentally substantiated composition, technology and control methods of a local action prodact with fusidic acid (FA) in the form of a gel. According to recent data there are  virtually no medicines containing FA in Ukraine. FA is highly active towards a wide range of gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Corynebacterium minutissimum and Propionibacterium acnes), including staphylococcus resistant to penicillin, streptomycin, chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics. It is known that the microbiological effectiveness of FC towards Staphylococcus aureus is 100%. At present time we developing the drug of local action with FA for the treatment of pustular inflammatory disease (superficial folliculitis, furunculosis, pyoderma, impetigo, hydradenitissuperficial and local burns, deep wounds, etc.).


You are greeted by the Department of Commodity Science!

Commodity Science Department Address: 61168, Kharkiv,Valentinovskaya St, 4 Phone: + 380572- 65-16-96 e-mail:

Head of the Department:PharmD, Prof. Baranova Inna Ivanivna, e-mail:, skype: inna.baranova5


Stuff of the Commodity science Department  (2017).

The staff of the department’s staff (from left to right): M. V.  Khalavka, O. E. Makarova, S. V. Breusova, Yu.A. Bespalaya, I. I. Baranova, S. N. Kovalenko, T. V. Dyadyun, S. A. Mamedova, V. A. Fedorenko

Фото Состав Главная

Stuff of the Commodity science Department  (2016).

kafedra-tovaroved-muzei-6 Stuff of the Department (from left to right): firat range   –   V. G. Dem`yanko, I. I. Baranova, D. V. Dem`yanko; second range –   Y. A. Bespalaya, A. A. Goncharova, S. V. Breusova, A. V. Proskochilo, S. A. Mamedova, S. N. Kovalenko, T. V. Trunova,  V. V. Pul (2014)

Responsible for the training activities of the department, distance education:PharmD, Prof.Kovalenko Svetlana  Nikolaevna.
Responsible for the methodical work of the department, distance education: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Breusova Svetlana Victorovna.
Responsible for the scientific work of the department: PhD, Prof. Inna Baranova, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.Dem’yanenko Dmitry Victorovich.
The website administrator of  Commodity science department: PhD, Ass.Mamedova Svetlana Alexandrovna
Responsible for the professional orientation work of the Department, SSS: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Dіadіun (Trunova) Tatyana Valeryevna, Ass. Pul`-luzan V. V. 
The secretary of the department, the material and the responsible person, responsible for the web-site PhD, Ass. Bespalaya Juliya Alexandrovna.

The first Commodity Science Department (plant and animal pharmaceutical materials) was founded in 1549 in Padua University (Italy). In 1943 the course “Medical Commodity” (1-st Moscow Medical Sechenov Institute) was created.

In 1985, according to the order of the USSR Ministry of Public Health the course was supplemented by the study of pharmaceutical products with the name of the discipline, “Medical and Pharmaceutical Commodity Science”.

Since 1943, Institute of Pharmacy of Kharkiv, medical and pharmaceutical commodity science had being teached on the department of Military Health Training. In 1991, the department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity was created, and in 1996the course of Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity joined the Department of OEPh, and since 1997 – the Department of Extreme and Military Medicine.

In 2004, based on the course of Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity, the Department of Commodity Science was founded (by August 2012, Head of the Department was a famous scientist – PharmD, Prof. Demyanenko V.G. who contributed a lot to the development of Pharmaceutical Commodity Science).

Teachers at the Department today: PharmD, Prof. Baranova I.I., PharmD, prof. Demyanenko V.G., PhD, Assoc. prof. Breusova S.V., PhD, Assoc. prof. Demyanenko D.V, PhD, Prof. Kovalenko S.M., PhD, Assistant  Mamedova S.A., PhD, Assoc. prof.  Diadiun (Trunova) T.V., PhD, Assistant  Lebedinets O.V., PhD, Assistant Bespalaya J. A., Assistant Pul`-Luzan V. V. Teachers of the Department constantly work to improve the level of their skills and professionalism. This work is done by doing different professional training courses at NPhU, the staff take an active part in Ukrainian and International scientific conferences.

In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 532 from 23.08.2011, the new List of reference departments of high medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels and institutions of post-graduate education of Ministry of Health of Ukraine was approved, in which the Department of Commodity Science became the basic one in the following disciplines: • “Medical and Pharmaceutical Commodity Science” (specialty “Pharmacy” and “Clinical Pharmacy”); • “Pharmaceutical and cosmetic- perfumery Commodity Science” specialty “Technology of perfumery and cosmetics” • “Fundamentals of Materials Science”, Containers and Packaging” specialty “Technology of pharmaceuticals”

(Русский) БАРАНОВА Инна Ивановна

BARANOVA Inna Ivanovna (18.01. Borisoglebsk, Russia) – Doctor of Pharmacy, head of Department Commodity Science in Ukrainian national University of Pharmacy. She graduated the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy in 1996 and internship in 1997. Work experience: assistant (1995-1996), a graduate student on the job (1996-2000), senior assistant on the “cosmetics technology” course at the Department of FTM in 1997, assistant (2001), associate professor (2003), professor of Department of cosmetology and fragrances in 2012, head of Department of Commodity Science since 2012.   Read more

KOVALENKO Svetlana Nikolaevna

KOVALENKO Svetlana Nikolaevna (07.07.1968, Kharkov) – Specialist in quality management, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor of the Department of commodity Science. Graduated Kharkov Institute of Pharmacy in 1991. Work experience: Senior Laboratory of the Department of Organic Chemistry (1991-1996), Head of Quality Control Department “Magik” (1996-1999), senior researcher of the State Research Laboratory quality control of drugs (1999 -2002), assistant in Department of Organic Chemistry in 2002, associate professor and dean of the Department of quality management (2002-2012), assocuate professor and deanlecturer and head teacher of commodity department since 2012. Freelance certified auditor for quality management systems of ” Interdisciplinary Center quality “PRIROST” Ukrainian Quality Association since 2005. Read more

(Русский) БРЕУСОВА Светлана Викторовна

BREUSOVA Svetlana Victorovna (03.12. Kharkov) – PhD of Pharmacy Sciences, associate professor of the Department of commodity science in The National University of Pharmacy. She graduated Kharkov State Academy of Municipal Economy (1997), in which she worked in the research sector (1997-2001), working in NU of Pharmacy, senior assistant (2004-2009), assistant (2006-2011), associate professor of the Department of commodity science since 2012. The Department Activity: material responsible (2004-2009), dean (2009-2011), Methodist of Department (2012). Responsible for vocational work of the department. Read more