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Training diciplines of the department of Commodity science

1.     “Medical and Pharmaceutical Commodity science” for specialities: 7.110201  “Pharmacy”day and stepped pharmaceutical education, 7.12020101  “Pharmacy“, 7.110201 –  “Pharmacy” (SSO), 7.110201  “Pharmacy” (students who have a bachelor’s degree), 7.110206 –  “Clinical Pharmacy” day and stepped Pharmaceutical Education;

2.     “Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity science”  for specialties: 8 .110201 “Pharmacy” (Faculty of foreign students) 8.110201 “Pharmacy”, “Pharmacy” English., 8.110201 “Pharmacy” (for students from the SNG);

3.     «Commodity science» for specialty: 6.030507 – “Marketing” (in the direction of 0305 – Business and Enterprise);

4.    “Pharmaceutical and perfumery-cosmetic Commodity science” for specialty: 7.11020 2 – “Technology of perfumery and cosmetics” Full-time and part-time study;

5.    “Fundamentals of Materials. Containers and packaging “for specialty: 7.110204 – “Drug Technology” Full-time and part-time study;

6.     “Commodity science on the pharmaceutical enterprise” for specialties: 8.12020101 “Pharmacy” day, evening and stepped Pharmaceutical Education.

2019-2020 р.

Pharmaceutical and medical commodity science. Syllabus of the discipline 2019

WORKING PROGRAM OF THE DICIPLINE  “Pharmaceutical and medical commodity science” training direction 1102,1202 – Pharmacy  for speciality 8.110201, 8.12020101- Pharmacy 

AMENDMENTS AND CHANGES TO THE WORK PROGRAM of a subject “PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL COMMODITY SCIENCE” program subject area 1202 – Pharmacy,  in specialty  8.12020101 – Pharmacy _(5.0)