International professional associations

In 1970s organizations for commodity studying and training were created not only in Europe but also in Asia. As a result of research at the international level an international organization the International Society for Commodity Science and Technology (IGWT) was created in 1976 which was approved in Salzburg by the following outstanding scientists: prof. Paul Fink, ETH St. Gallen, (Switzerland); prof. Josef Hölzl, the University of Economics and Business Administration (Austria); Dipl. Kfm. Dr. Helge Gasthuber, University of Economics and Business Administration (Austria); Dr. Frans Lox, Gent, Belgium; DDr. Heinrich Schlick (Germany); Dipl.Volkswirt Otto Ge¬keler (Germany); prof. Dr. Otto Aalhausand prof. Dr. Traebert
(Netherlands).The initiator of the international organization IGWT was Eva Waginger from the University of Economics (Austria), which is a permanent chairman.
Currently, the members of the international organization IGWT are in Australia, Bulgaria, Belarus, China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.
Currently there is a course of medical products (Productossanitarios) at the University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) in the pharmaceutical faculty, where students study commodity analysis of medical products (Productossanitarios), such as rubber products, injection and infusion means, etc. The course runs for one year. The course «Medical devices» is delivered at the faculty of pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.

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